Sunday, June 29, 2008

21 Days and 5 pounds Later

Things have been fantastic for the flan challenge. I lost three more pounds and am down to a thin 226 pounds.
Yesterday at the gym (after I ran two miles and biked two miles) I stood on the gym scale, not knowing what to expect due to my trip to Atlanta and lack of exercise, and lo and behold I was down to 226 pounds.
While in Atlanta, I was very strict on my eating behaviors and think that despite the lack of exercise, my eating was the key.
Tonight we are at my parent's house and I am really trying hard to withstand the sugary whisper of the infamous Skittle. I am trying to uphold my end of the challenge from Annie to avoid Skittles this whole day.
I walked into my parent's house... headed to the cupboard where the sweet treat is kept, opened the cupboard and stared at the bag. There we were, the rainbow of colors staring at me and me staring at its deliciousness.
I began to turn my head away from its glare, but couldn't seem to pull my eyes off the bag. It seemed as though every time I was going to close the cupboard and look away, the bag whispered to me. It was saying "kyle...kyle...kyle...just pour a few of us in your hand and enjoy."
After what seemed like an eternity, I pried my eyes off the bag and slowly closed the cupboard. I had defeated the bag of Skittles, I had outlasted the sugary treat.
As of now, I have still not given in to the temptation of the Skittle.
Here is the update for this, week three.


WEIGHT: 226 pounds (not bad eh?)

FOOD EATEN: Lots of new things... spinach, for one, has been a new addition to my diet. I keep the spinach on my favorite meal at Noodles and Company now.

EXERCISES DONE: A bunch of running. Last night I ran another mile and a half or so (after having done two miles earlier in the day). I have golfed a ton this week and have lugged the 30 pound bag around the course, which has led to some great exercise.

Week three is down. I am on my way towards the goal of 25 pounds lost. I have set a date for the 25 pounds to be completed... December 1 of 2008 is when I hope to be weighing in at 206. Wish me luck and thanks for the support. Peace.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A challenge within the Challenge

There is a smaller challenge that has brewed withing the context of the whole Flan Challenge. Annie has challenged me to avoid all Skittles tomorrow (Sunday) night at my parent's house.
This may seem like a small feat to many people, however; for me this is no easy task.

My third weekly update will be coming shortly, and I will include how I did on my Skittles challenge. Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Weeks Down-Weekly Update

Fourteen days have come and gone and things have been great!

My dad competed in the Provo Triathlon yesterday (he finished first in his age group and fifteenth overall) and it really got me even more motivated to keep on going.

So I went to the gym last night, intent on doing my own mini-triathlon. I swam first, swimming is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I have been in pools before, done the marco polo, done the other pool games, but swimming laps is a whole different thing... very hard.

Then I went to the bike, sat down with my book and began pedaling. After about twenty minutes, my knees were hurting, so I decided to skip the running part of my mini-tri. I will go at it again this week and hopefully complete the whole thing.

Here is the update for this week:


WEIGHT: 229 (Still the same as last week, not sure why, but will go at it harder this week)

FOOD EATEN: I ate great for most of the week, until yesterday... the stupid Owlz game got me again, but I did a great job the rest of the week so I figured that I deserved it. Today is the day of truth... the battle with the parents pantry... wish me luck there.

EXERCISES DONE: Lots of them... I went for a 4.3 mile run the other day and was doing great until about the last mile, then things got a little dicey. I did some swimming and some biking as well... not to mention the four rounds of golf I played this week, in which I walked instead of drove in a cart.

Thanks to those who support me... wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Ten, Feelin' Thin

As I was sitting at work this afternoon, I got to thinking how thin I was feeling. Now, whether or not it is showing on the outside, I sure feel great on the inside.

I have been doing pretty good, eating smart, lessening my quantities and really going after the exercise. But despite all this, there are a few things I have still noticed, please allow me to elaborate.

  • All bets on diets are off as soon as you step foot into a baseball stadium. I learned this last night as I enjoyed the Owls 13 inning home opener victory. You can't stay true to a diet inside the friendly confines of a baseball stadium. Who doesn't like sitting down behind home plate, with three scoops of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream overflowing the miniature Owls batting helmet that doubles as a bowl? Who doesn't like the sound and feel of cracking a peanut open and tossing the shell under your feet? How can anyone resist finishing off their wife's miniature batting helmet of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream when she can't quite finish it? How can I overcome my "kryptonite", Skittles, while I am enjoying the ball park? My stomach feels larger already.
  • Watching other people eat and enjoy their food is no where near as enjoyable as eating the food for yourself. The other day I made a lunch trip with my homeboy Travis to Costco for lunch. I was bound and determined to avoid the greasy monstrosity that is the Chicken Bake/Costco Pizza combo. Travis promptly bought a Chicken Bake, a Pizza slice and a delicious Berry Smoothie... while I asked for my 6 ounce plastic water cup. I filled up my water, bound and determined to fulfill the hunger in my stomach with the ice from the cup. Travis and I sat down and my stomach was green with envy with every bite he took of the Chicken Bake and Pizza slice. What a cruel world we live in when one individual can eat from a grease and carbohydrate buffet and not even feel a thing, and the other individual feels bloated after three cubes of ice and the smell of a Churro. Kudos to Travis though... Kudos to Travis.
  • Skittles... how is it that Skittles don't ever run their course. I have experienced a candy cycle with nearly every other candy known to man, but Skittles have been constant. I have been through the Big Hunk phase, the Whatchamacallit phase, the Mamba phase, the Hershey's phase and of course, the Oompa incident of 2001 phase. Each of these candies have ran their course and were short lived in my candy consumption, however; Skittles have continued to grab a hold of me. With each red, purple, green, orange and even yellow fruity blast that goes into my mouth, another chain is attached to my love handles and pulls me even further in. If anyone out there knows the antidote for a serious Skittle addiction, please let me know. I would be indebted to you for years.
Those are a few of the things I have noticed, but when it all comes down to it, today is a good day. It is Day 10, a day of feeling thin.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Week Down-Update Time

Day Seven has come and gone for the most part and I feel pretty good about the first week of the Flan Challenge. I have done a much better job in regulating my eating habits.

One thing I have realized is how easily swayed I am by the simple smell or faint whisper from a sugary and sweet old friend. This weekend saw Orem City celebrate the long-awaited Summerfest and with Summerfest came one of my compadres from my past...the Churro.

I couldn't resist the Churro booth as I made my way up and down the Summerfest aisles, I gave in and enjoyed the cinnamon and sugar dipped piece of dough. Despite my Summerfest breakdown, I was still feeling okay about Saturday because I was able to keep myself pre-occupied with a round of golf with L.C. and then a jog on the new shoes to the gym.

Enter Sunday. Not a lot to do on a Sunday afternoon, except eat. I had my SlimFast in the morning and was feeling pretty good until we headed to Annie's parents house where I enjoyed a few too many marshmallows and a couple pieces of Hershey's chocolate. After making my way through the sugary wilderness that is Annie's parents house, I ran into a much larger problem.

The junk food gauntlet that doubles as my parent's house. I entered the house with my guard up and my senses heightened. I was determined to withstand the fiery darts from the pantry. Annie had made some delicious cupcakes for our Primary class and needless to say, I downed a few of those at my parents house. However, these cupcakes were of the miniature variety so I did not feel that I had really had a let down. Then, my sister made the most wonderful biscuits that are covered in a sugary frosting and blueberries and I couldn't resist. After giving into those, I determined that I was done for the day. The rest went a little something like this.

Pantry: Hey Kyle, what's up man? not much here, just chillin.

Kyle: Listen pantry, you're cool and all but I really don't think we are right for each other.

Pantry: Yeah, I heard about your "challenge" and how you are swearing off what I have to offer you.

Kyle: Well, yeah, I'm trying to drop some pounds and get in better shape.

Pantry: Yeah, I know how that goes man. Listen though, I just got a brand new bag of Skittles and I am telling you right now, there is something different about this bag. You have got to give it a whirl.

Kyle: hmmmm... I better not man.

Pantry: Seriously, I respect your decision. But I don't want you to miss out on this particular bag.

Kyle: That is a good point, I guess it wouldn't hurt.

Needless to say, I gave in and ventured into the pantry, found the bag of Skittles, slowly tore it open and proceeded to down a quick forty. My personal promise to each of you is that I will avoid the evil pantry next week, I will overcome the firm grasp it has had on me. Wish me luck.

WEEKLY UPDATE- June 15, 2008

WEIGHT: 229 (Lost two pounds, despite the Sat and Sunday breakdown)

Food Eaten: Some crap, mingled with much better food. The jury is still out on vegtables, but they will get another chance this week.

Excercises Done: Lots of running and some swimming. Took the new shoes out for a jog from my apartment to Golds Gym, in hopes of working out at the gym and then jogging home. Underestimated the distance and heat, needed a ride home from Annie.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 6= brand new kicks

Okay, today is a monumental day. Today is the first weigh in of the flan challenge. I will be weighing myself today in order to have the stat for the Sunday weekly update.
I got some new kicks (shoes for those who don't speak shoe language) today and they are off the hook. They are Brooks Defyance shoes and I took them for a light jog and felt like I was running on a cloud.

These shoes (shown above) are so great, I can't wait to get out and start doing some serious running. For those who aren't that familiar with me, you may not know that I have some serious joint problems. For those who know me well, you know that I struggle even walking (frozen creek on the way to see Olympic torch) without blowing out an ankle. I have the worst luck in the world helping people (unloading moving van in Washington) without completely popping and blowing out all the work that the previous surgery had done. I can't simply jump (overthrow at first base, summer before senior year) without coming down and lodging my knee cap in my upper thigh.
So needless to say, the shoe choice is crucial in my progress through the challenge. This shoe will allow me to run further and will, hopefully, take some of the pressure off my aching joints.
I am off to a round of nine holes at the golf course and then I will head to the gym. Stay tuned for the weekly update and the oh-so-anticipated weigh in tonight. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 3- How about a "dead end" sign 1350 South

Dear 1350 South,

Would it kill you to have a sign at the beginning of your road that lets people know that you are a "dead end" road? Did you know that those signs exist? Did you know that you could save people a lot of trouble?
I am already out there running on the streets and with my A.D.D. I need some fresh scenery to keep me interested in running, therefore, I would rather not run to the end of you and then have to turn around and run all the way back, past the same stupid houses I saw already.
Sure, the dirt trails at the end of you were a welcome to my bored feet, but if you don't have a way out of the dirt trails then it nullifies any amount of fun trail running that I may have been having. Please consider my request... thank you much.

Concerned Runner

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 2

Well, the first couple days of "The Flan Challenge" have gone off quite all right.
You will all be pleased to know that last night Annie's family invited us over for crepes, and if you know me well, you know that I love any type of dessert that is spoken with a French accent and can be purchased on a street corner across from the beautiful cathedral that is Notre Dame. Needless to say the temptation was very strong, but I stayed true to the challenge and fought back the demons from the underworld of desserts. While Annie's slim family sat enjoying the tasty crepes, drenched in a crepe sauce that is sure to make your taste buds dance with delight, I enjoyed my bowl of plain strawberries and raspberries.
Yesterday was the funeral of Annie's grandfather, Roland, the services were very nice and the family is very optimistic that they will be reunited with Roland at some point. After the funeral the family (and by family I mean all 1,213 people that make up the Strong family) headed to the church building for a lunch. I fell for the cunning lies that are carbohydrates and gave in to some of the most delicious rolls (my ultimate soft spot) and of course the highly touted funeral potatoes... which are great. Although I fell for the carbohydrate's empty promises, I was able to maintain some dignity as I limited myself to very light helpings. For the evening meal, Annie and I headed to our favorite dining spot, The OutBack Steakhouse. Fighting back the temptation for a nice, succulent steak, I opted for the more sensible Queensland Salad. The salad was fantastic and as I returned home I fought off the strongest desire of them all... the late night bowl of cereal.
This late night bowl of cereal has been getting me since my 8th birthday and last night I won the battle, I defied the odds and left the cereal bag staring at me from its position next to the toaster oven.
I am just about to set the Braves game to record and head to Gold's Gym where I will be enjoying a nice run and perhaps a swim as well. Today has been a great day. A slimfast in the morning and a Ceasar salad for lunch are all that have found the seemingly bottomless pit that is my stomach. After my workout I will enjoy a nice bowl of fruit to top it off and then I will be fighting the cereal again. Wish me luck.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What is the challenge?

As I downed 63 Skittles yesterday and then proceeded to eat two peanut butter bars, two rice krispie treats and one and a half chocolate chip cookies today, I decided that it was time to make a change.

I am inviting everyone who reads this to follow me on my journey to drop my weight by 25 pounds. I have tried dieting and I have tried to work out and watch what I eat on my own and I have failed miserably every attempt. I figure that with many of my friends and acquaintances following my every move and holding me accountable via my blog, I will be able to stay disciplined and reach my goal of 25 pounds lost.

I will post every couple days with information on what I have eaten, how I have worked out and what progress I have made. There will be photos recording my progress and there will be plenty of opportunities for readers to assist in... "The Flan Challenge."

Please join me on my journey of exploring vegetables, fruits, juice and exercise. Walk with me as I leave carbs, sugars, sweets and carbonation in my large wake.

WEEKLY FACTS- Sunday, June 8, 2008


FOOD EATEN: Total crap

EXERCISES DONE: Absolutely zero