Monday, May 3, 2010

Salute Your Shorts

Sometimes when I step on the scale, I feel like the guy in the purple jersey in the pic below...

That's right...Donkey Lips from the critically acclaimed show "Salute Your Shorts."

Here are three attributes about Donkey Lips that I would like to NOT have in common with him...

1. His hugeness.

2. His Donkey Lips

3. His hugeness

Please take a minute to check out Donkey Lips and the rest of the gang from "Salute Your Shorts" by clicking here.

I played racquetball with Beetle Hale on Saturday for a couple of hours--and during that time I lost four pounds. I was water weight, blah blah blah. But the fact is, when I stood on the scale afterward, I was four pounds lighter than before--thus, I am adding racquetball to the Flan Challenge as an official weight loss exercise.

In an effort to avoid disapointment, I will be weighing myself just once a week (Saturdays).

Current Stats

Weight: 224.5 (I gained back three of the four pounds I lost Saturday)

Foods eaten: So much garbage on Saturday night, it's embarrassing to list. I also had a nasty enchilada from Los Hermanos today for lunch (don't go there ever).

Hope all is well out in your worlds...check back for regular updates. Thanks for the support!!