Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekly Update Ya'all!

Everybody! The Flan Challenge is speeding along towards the 206 goal! Today I ran about 5 miles and weighed myself at the gym... you ready for this?...Here it comes... 214 pounds! This is amazing... I really should write a book about the Flan Challenge, the secret is so simple, but I won't tell you guys, you can buy my book.... coming soon.

I was so happy about 214 pounds, that on my way home from the gym, I began thinking about what type of things 214 can represent. Here is a list of some things I found.

  • There are 214 bones in the human skeleton (ironic isn't it?)
  • If you add up the numbers 2+1+4 you will get 7... the number of legendary Yankee Mickey Mantle. Mantle was always shooting for the stars and he always hit the stars. He once said, "Somebody once asked me if I ever went up to the plate trying to hit a home run. I said 'Sure, every time.'" I view the Flan Challenge as a home run, and I am trying to hit it every time I work out.
  • 214 is the area code of Dallas, Texas... Hi Devin and Andrea Williams. Hope Dallas is treating you good.
  • February 14th (2-14) is, of course, Valentines Day, and it should be noted it is also two days before 2-16... Ice T's birthday (Thanks Dad).
  • Feb. 14th is the birthday of legendary sportscaster Mel Allen... the longtime voice of the New York Yankees and perhaps the best baseball play-by-play voice ever (with the exception of possibly Vin Scully).
  • In the year 214 b.c., construction began on a famous 4,000 mile stretch of wall... (The Great Wall in China).
  • Boy Scout Troop 214 of Los Osos, California could possibly have the best (or only) website of a Boy Scout Troop. Honestly, this site is incredible for a boy scout troop, maybe I would have stuck with it if we had something like this... check it out.
  • 214 songs on the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack.... never played the game, but how weird is that... 214 songs.
  • The winner of "The Biggest Loser 3", Erik, lost a total of 214 pounds to become the winner of that season... he lost me.
  • Some 61 year old lady in Arizona last year was found with 10 bundles... or 214 pounds... of marijuana in her home... that is a lot of weed.
  • And most recently... 214 pounds is what I weighed in at today.
Thanks to all who support. 8 more pounds to go until the goal is reached!!!


Mama K said...

I can't wait for the book. Will there be family discounts? I could use your tips. Losing weight isn't as easy for me as it seems to be for you. So I look forward to the book.

Karissa Kay said...

Holy cow you're getting skinny. I'm also shooting for 204 so i'll see you there!

tyson said...

A pound for each bone... Not bad. Plus you forgot that on 214 AD, the Korean kingdom of Baekje attacked the Mohe tribes. Can't believe you missed that one

beetle said...

214...isn't that also the number of girls in high school that you had to ask to homecoming your senior year before one finally said yes.

Steffany said...

Kyle! I found your blog and it has brought me much joy to read :) 214, that is amazing!!! Congrats!

Scott & Hydee said...

lol....way to go Kyle! I also think that I've read your blog like...214 times...

Ashley said...

how about a monthly update since you've been slacking on the weekly one! :-)

Pete Stott said...

I'm glad that you have kept up on your blog so well. I feel like I know you better now.

Ashley said...

how about a yearly update??