Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week 4

28 days have come and gone since the beginning of the Flan Challenge... and it has been a splendid 28 days.
I hope everyone's Fourth of July was all they expected it to be, I know mine was.
Annie, my dad, my sister Kaitlyn and I all ran the Freedom Run 5K race on the morning of the Fourth of July. It was a great way to spend the morning and I felt so refreshed.
I finished with a time of 29:36... not too bad. I felt pretty good (despite the huge, pregnant ladieS that passed me in the process... yes I said ladies... plural.)
This is the most recent picture of me that is out there... and I am proud to say that those five pounds are nowhere to be found in the picture.
I am registering for another5K race on July 24th in Provo, in hopes of surpassing my time of 29 minutes.
I want to recap some of the highlights from my first four weeks as a "healthy" human.
  • Swearing off Skittles- I've done it a thousand times, I had another break down last night at a movie and gave in and tasted the rainbow.
  • Running Shoes- what a difference good running shoes make... I feel like I am taken seriously now when I am running and that I am not just another fat guy on a quest to lose weight.
  • Others eating- if you can recall, Mr. Quinn's adventures at the Costco eatery. This was one of the toughest things for me to go through, watching Travis down so much food in so little time and knowing that the mere sniff of it moves my stomach over my belt.
these are some of the many highlights I have had in the first four weeks. Here are the weekly statistics.

WEEKLY UPDATE- July 6, 2008

WEIGHT: 226 (still the same as last week, but I feel much better. I found myself removing everything before I step on the scale at the gym. I remove my chapstick even, as if that is what is weighing me down.)

FOOD EATEN: Much better... I added asparagus to the regimen over the week and it was delicious. Grilled on the BBQ and fantastic. There are no more Skittles at my parent's house, however; my mother replaced them with peanut M & M's... not better.

EXERCISES DONE: The 5k was the biggie for the week and it was great. I also ran a mile on the treadmill, with the incline at 5.0... very tough.

Anyway, wish me luck and thanks for the support.

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Karissa Kay said...

You're looking skinny! Nice job! I love that mom replaced the skittles with M&M's. I'm pretty sure those are worse! Good luck! Keep up the good work.