Sunday, June 29, 2008

21 Days and 5 pounds Later

Things have been fantastic for the flan challenge. I lost three more pounds and am down to a thin 226 pounds.
Yesterday at the gym (after I ran two miles and biked two miles) I stood on the gym scale, not knowing what to expect due to my trip to Atlanta and lack of exercise, and lo and behold I was down to 226 pounds.
While in Atlanta, I was very strict on my eating behaviors and think that despite the lack of exercise, my eating was the key.
Tonight we are at my parent's house and I am really trying hard to withstand the sugary whisper of the infamous Skittle. I am trying to uphold my end of the challenge from Annie to avoid Skittles this whole day.
I walked into my parent's house... headed to the cupboard where the sweet treat is kept, opened the cupboard and stared at the bag. There we were, the rainbow of colors staring at me and me staring at its deliciousness.
I began to turn my head away from its glare, but couldn't seem to pull my eyes off the bag. It seemed as though every time I was going to close the cupboard and look away, the bag whispered to me. It was saying "kyle...kyle...kyle...just pour a few of us in your hand and enjoy."
After what seemed like an eternity, I pried my eyes off the bag and slowly closed the cupboard. I had defeated the bag of Skittles, I had outlasted the sugary treat.
As of now, I have still not given in to the temptation of the Skittle.
Here is the update for this, week three.


WEIGHT: 226 pounds (not bad eh?)

FOOD EATEN: Lots of new things... spinach, for one, has been a new addition to my diet. I keep the spinach on my favorite meal at Noodles and Company now.

EXERCISES DONE: A bunch of running. Last night I ran another mile and a half or so (after having done two miles earlier in the day). I have golfed a ton this week and have lugged the 30 pound bag around the course, which has led to some great exercise.

Week three is down. I am on my way towards the goal of 25 pounds lost. I have set a date for the 25 pounds to be completed... December 1 of 2008 is when I hope to be weighing in at 206. Wish me luck and thanks for the support. Peace.


Drew said...

Good Work Flaz. Let me know if you ever want company lugging that 30 pound bag around the golf course.

Karissa Kay said...

Why doesn't mom just stop buying Skittles? You're the only one who eats them anyway. Maybe you should tell her that you're on a diet and then she'll stop buying them. Just a thought. P.S. No matter how much weight you lose, you'll always be fat to me.

Tyson said...

You stood on the gym? Wow, you're like Superman