Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 2

Well, the first couple days of "The Flan Challenge" have gone off quite all right.
You will all be pleased to know that last night Annie's family invited us over for crepes, and if you know me well, you know that I love any type of dessert that is spoken with a French accent and can be purchased on a street corner across from the beautiful cathedral that is Notre Dame. Needless to say the temptation was very strong, but I stayed true to the challenge and fought back the demons from the underworld of desserts. While Annie's slim family sat enjoying the tasty crepes, drenched in a crepe sauce that is sure to make your taste buds dance with delight, I enjoyed my bowl of plain strawberries and raspberries.
Yesterday was the funeral of Annie's grandfather, Roland, the services were very nice and the family is very optimistic that they will be reunited with Roland at some point. After the funeral the family (and by family I mean all 1,213 people that make up the Strong family) headed to the church building for a lunch. I fell for the cunning lies that are carbohydrates and gave in to some of the most delicious rolls (my ultimate soft spot) and of course the highly touted funeral potatoes... which are great. Although I fell for the carbohydrate's empty promises, I was able to maintain some dignity as I limited myself to very light helpings. For the evening meal, Annie and I headed to our favorite dining spot, The OutBack Steakhouse. Fighting back the temptation for a nice, succulent steak, I opted for the more sensible Queensland Salad. The salad was fantastic and as I returned home I fought off the strongest desire of them all... the late night bowl of cereal.
This late night bowl of cereal has been getting me since my 8th birthday and last night I won the battle, I defied the odds and left the cereal bag staring at me from its position next to the toaster oven.
I am just about to set the Braves game to record and head to Gold's Gym where I will be enjoying a nice run and perhaps a swim as well. Today has been a great day. A slimfast in the morning and a Ceasar salad for lunch are all that have found the seemingly bottomless pit that is my stomach. After my workout I will enjoy a nice bowl of fruit to top it off and then I will be fighting the cereal again. Wish me luck.

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