Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Ten, Feelin' Thin

As I was sitting at work this afternoon, I got to thinking how thin I was feeling. Now, whether or not it is showing on the outside, I sure feel great on the inside.

I have been doing pretty good, eating smart, lessening my quantities and really going after the exercise. But despite all this, there are a few things I have still noticed, please allow me to elaborate.

  • All bets on diets are off as soon as you step foot into a baseball stadium. I learned this last night as I enjoyed the Owls 13 inning home opener victory. You can't stay true to a diet inside the friendly confines of a baseball stadium. Who doesn't like sitting down behind home plate, with three scoops of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream overflowing the miniature Owls batting helmet that doubles as a bowl? Who doesn't like the sound and feel of cracking a peanut open and tossing the shell under your feet? How can anyone resist finishing off their wife's miniature batting helmet of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream when she can't quite finish it? How can I overcome my "kryptonite", Skittles, while I am enjoying the ball park? My stomach feels larger already.
  • Watching other people eat and enjoy their food is no where near as enjoyable as eating the food for yourself. The other day I made a lunch trip with my homeboy Travis to Costco for lunch. I was bound and determined to avoid the greasy monstrosity that is the Chicken Bake/Costco Pizza combo. Travis promptly bought a Chicken Bake, a Pizza slice and a delicious Berry Smoothie... while I asked for my 6 ounce plastic water cup. I filled up my water, bound and determined to fulfill the hunger in my stomach with the ice from the cup. Travis and I sat down and my stomach was green with envy with every bite he took of the Chicken Bake and Pizza slice. What a cruel world we live in when one individual can eat from a grease and carbohydrate buffet and not even feel a thing, and the other individual feels bloated after three cubes of ice and the smell of a Churro. Kudos to Travis though... Kudos to Travis.
  • Skittles... how is it that Skittles don't ever run their course. I have experienced a candy cycle with nearly every other candy known to man, but Skittles have been constant. I have been through the Big Hunk phase, the Whatchamacallit phase, the Mamba phase, the Hershey's phase and of course, the Oompa incident of 2001 phase. Each of these candies have ran their course and were short lived in my candy consumption, however; Skittles have continued to grab a hold of me. With each red, purple, green, orange and even yellow fruity blast that goes into my mouth, another chain is attached to my love handles and pulls me even further in. If anyone out there knows the antidote for a serious Skittle addiction, please let me know. I would be indebted to you for years.
Those are a few of the things I have noticed, but when it all comes down to it, today is a good day. It is Day 10, a day of feeling thin.

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