Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 6= brand new kicks

Okay, today is a monumental day. Today is the first weigh in of the flan challenge. I will be weighing myself today in order to have the stat for the Sunday weekly update.
I got some new kicks (shoes for those who don't speak shoe language) today and they are off the hook. They are Brooks Defyance shoes and I took them for a light jog and felt like I was running on a cloud.

These shoes (shown above) are so great, I can't wait to get out and start doing some serious running. For those who aren't that familiar with me, you may not know that I have some serious joint problems. For those who know me well, you know that I struggle even walking (frozen creek on the way to see Olympic torch) without blowing out an ankle. I have the worst luck in the world helping people (unloading moving van in Washington) without completely popping and blowing out all the work that the previous surgery had done. I can't simply jump (overthrow at first base, summer before senior year) without coming down and lodging my knee cap in my upper thigh.
So needless to say, the shoe choice is crucial in my progress through the challenge. This shoe will allow me to run further and will, hopefully, take some of the pressure off my aching joints.
I am off to a round of nine holes at the golf course and then I will head to the gym. Stay tuned for the weekly update and the oh-so-anticipated weigh in tonight. Wish me luck.

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