Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Week Down-Update Time

Day Seven has come and gone for the most part and I feel pretty good about the first week of the Flan Challenge. I have done a much better job in regulating my eating habits.

One thing I have realized is how easily swayed I am by the simple smell or faint whisper from a sugary and sweet old friend. This weekend saw Orem City celebrate the long-awaited Summerfest and with Summerfest came one of my compadres from my past...the Churro.

I couldn't resist the Churro booth as I made my way up and down the Summerfest aisles, I gave in and enjoyed the cinnamon and sugar dipped piece of dough. Despite my Summerfest breakdown, I was still feeling okay about Saturday because I was able to keep myself pre-occupied with a round of golf with L.C. and then a jog on the new shoes to the gym.

Enter Sunday. Not a lot to do on a Sunday afternoon, except eat. I had my SlimFast in the morning and was feeling pretty good until we headed to Annie's parents house where I enjoyed a few too many marshmallows and a couple pieces of Hershey's chocolate. After making my way through the sugary wilderness that is Annie's parents house, I ran into a much larger problem.

The junk food gauntlet that doubles as my parent's house. I entered the house with my guard up and my senses heightened. I was determined to withstand the fiery darts from the pantry. Annie had made some delicious cupcakes for our Primary class and needless to say, I downed a few of those at my parents house. However, these cupcakes were of the miniature variety so I did not feel that I had really had a let down. Then, my sister made the most wonderful biscuits that are covered in a sugary frosting and blueberries and I couldn't resist. After giving into those, I determined that I was done for the day. The rest went a little something like this.

Pantry: Hey Kyle, what's up man? not much here, just chillin.

Kyle: Listen pantry, you're cool and all but I really don't think we are right for each other.

Pantry: Yeah, I heard about your "challenge" and how you are swearing off what I have to offer you.

Kyle: Well, yeah, I'm trying to drop some pounds and get in better shape.

Pantry: Yeah, I know how that goes man. Listen though, I just got a brand new bag of Skittles and I am telling you right now, there is something different about this bag. You have got to give it a whirl.

Kyle: hmmmm... I better not man.

Pantry: Seriously, I respect your decision. But I don't want you to miss out on this particular bag.

Kyle: That is a good point, I guess it wouldn't hurt.

Needless to say, I gave in and ventured into the pantry, found the bag of Skittles, slowly tore it open and proceeded to down a quick forty. My personal promise to each of you is that I will avoid the evil pantry next week, I will overcome the firm grasp it has had on me. Wish me luck.

WEEKLY UPDATE- June 15, 2008

WEIGHT: 229 (Lost two pounds, despite the Sat and Sunday breakdown)

Food Eaten: Some crap, mingled with much better food. The jury is still out on vegtables, but they will get another chance this week.

Excercises Done: Lots of running and some swimming. Took the new shoes out for a jog from my apartment to Golds Gym, in hopes of working out at the gym and then jogging home. Underestimated the distance and heat, needed a ride home from Annie.


Kyle Flanagan said...
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Ashley said...

Maybe riding a bike to the gym might work out better for you!!! LOL

Karissa Kay said...

You needed a ride home from Annie? hahahaha! That's great. Maybe mom can put one of those baby locks on the pantry door next week so you don't get in to it.

Steph&Brock said...

Hey Kyle...what a great blog find today! Your animated stories had me crakin up...I'll have to stay tuned into your weekly successes.

That's the great thing about being pregnant, it's normal to get fat...Love it! However, I have a feeling it won't be so great after I give birth :(

Best of luck to you!