Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Weeks Down-Weekly Update

Fourteen days have come and gone and things have been great!

My dad competed in the Provo Triathlon yesterday (he finished first in his age group and fifteenth overall) and it really got me even more motivated to keep on going.

So I went to the gym last night, intent on doing my own mini-triathlon. I swam first, swimming is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I have been in pools before, done the marco polo, done the other pool games, but swimming laps is a whole different thing... very hard.

Then I went to the bike, sat down with my book and began pedaling. After about twenty minutes, my knees were hurting, so I decided to skip the running part of my mini-tri. I will go at it again this week and hopefully complete the whole thing.

Here is the update for this week:


WEIGHT: 229 (Still the same as last week, not sure why, but will go at it harder this week)

FOOD EATEN: I ate great for most of the week, until yesterday... the stupid Owlz game got me again, but I did a great job the rest of the week so I figured that I deserved it. Today is the day of truth... the battle with the parents pantry... wish me luck there.

EXERCISES DONE: Lots of them... I went for a 4.3 mile run the other day and was doing great until about the last mile, then things got a little dicey. I did some swimming and some biking as well... not to mention the four rounds of golf I played this week, in which I walked instead of drove in a cart.

Thanks to those who support me... wish me luck.

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